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Our Guiding Principles

RG Spiller we are always working to blend traditional values with today’s business needs and combining craftsmanship with modern building technology. We have an enduring interest, and pride, in what we do and ensure that we pro-actively get involved in inspecting completed buildings after a mutually agreed period from handover or completion. We have been ‘building on reputation’ for over 160 years.

Our Training

We take training seriously and have an annual intake of apprentices to ensure that the skills base of our business is able to meet the needs of our company at all times and allows us to provide a consistent level of quality service to our customers both today and into the future. Our training programmes are tailored to the individual and all employees receive training over the industry standard.

Our Pedigree

The quality that we deliver is only possible as a result of our belief in the essential part our staff plays in achieving that success and that only by investing in their skills and capabilities will we achieve our long tern aim to be amongst the very best in our business. We employ well over 100 people, with offices in Somerset, Wiltshire and Exeter. We employ our own specialist trades people including electricians, plumbers and heating engineers giving us the ability to deliver true quality with consistency.


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