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Project Description

Stonewater – Response Maintenance and Voids


Description of Work

RG Spiller Ltd have been working closely alongside
Stonewater undertaking response maintenance works
for their tenants.
These works are carried out across the South West and
vary from call outs as small as replacing a door closer
to larger maintenance works such as rerendering an
entire house. Value of works range from £50 to
Appointments are booked on the same day an order is
received with bespoke software used to manage the
works effectively.
RG Spiller have a strong direct labour force with offices
in Chard and Amesbury, allowing quick response to
emergency call outs.

“We work closely with the dedicated Planned and Response Maintenance administration team
which operates effectively, efficiently and on time. The direct labour force of skilled tradesmen
produce high quality works with a full understanding of our brief and I would not hesitate to
recommend RG Spiller Ltd”

Colin Higgs
Assistant Director (Cyclical and Response Maintenance)


£1.3m pa